Affected services:

  • CRM

Applicant CRM, Problems with email please do not reply to case emails, Thursday 24th November

Opened on Thursday 24th November 2022, last updated

Investigating — DDaT continue to work with the supplier on a resolution that will enable users to resume using Case emails. Until further notice please refrain from sending Case emails.

Posted by Sherilyn Elmes

Investigating — There is an issue when sending replies to Case emails in Applicant CRM. DDaT have investigated the issue and are working with the supplier on a fix, they have asked that users are to stop replying Case Emails in Applicant CRM until a solution has been implemented.

Posted by Sherilyn Elmes

Investigating — We're currently aware of the issue and are investigating the cause. We will provide further updates as we have them.

Posted by Sherilyn Elmes