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SAMIS read-only provision unavailable

Opened on Monday 14th December 2020, last updated

Resolved — The SAMIS upgrade is now complete and the Read-Only provision is no longer required.

Posted by Sherilyn Elmes

Identified — We are sorry to have to report that the read only database will not be available again this morning. We are disappointed to have not been able to provide this service during the upgrade. We can report that the main upgrade has been moving ‘to plan’ and expect Samis to by live again tomorrow morning.

Posted by John Baker

Identified — The read only version of Samis will not be available today. We have had a problem overnight copying the data across onto the training database. We are restarting it shortly but it will take all the working day to complete. We hope to be able to provide the read only service from tomorrow morning.

Posted by John Baker