Affected services:

  • Business Objects
  • File storage and sharing
  • Printing
  • Software
  • Wiki

IT maintenance affects Business Objects, SAMIS, Learning Material Filestore, the Wiki and more, Tuesday 16 June.

Scheduled for Tuesday 16th June 2020 at 06:30 (London)

Schedule/description of work

Due to server upgrades the following services will be unavailable from 6.30am until 9am on Tuesday 16 June ; SAMIS, Business Objects, Learning Materials Filestore, Scanning from printers, CMS, Subversion, Wiki and the University of Bath website. In addition, the H drive will be unavailable so users will not be able to use file storage. This also affects file storage for the Faculty of Science and the Students’ Union. If you are using campus based computers, please log-off before the upgrade starts. Thank you for your understanding.

Scheduled start time
June 16, 2020 06:30
2 hours 30 minutes