Affected services:

  • Network and internet access

IT maintenance affects network connectivity in Carpenter House, Wed 24 July between 10:00am and 3:00pm

Scheduled for Wednesday 24th July 2019 at 10:00 (London)

Schedule/description of work

Access points in Carpenter House will be replaced. This will improve wireless network connectivity, security and allow additional features to be available. Where possible this will be done in a staged approach ensuring the new Wireless AP's are in place running along side the legacy equipment. Network connectivity will be lost as clients re-authenticate to the new Aruba equipment. New Aruba APs will be pre-provisioned in order to minimise any disruption. There will be no need for contractors to access student rooms as APs are all corridor mounted. The wi-fi service will be degraded during the time of this change and after the upgrade some users may be unable to connect to eduroam or other wireless due to the upgrade effecting some Intel wireless adaptors found in Windows laptops. Users are able to upgrade their wireless adaptors to resolve this issue. Please see link below for information on latest drivers.

Scheduled start time
July 24, 2019 10:00
5 hours