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Issue affecting Online Surveys

Aug 16 at 04:48pm BST
Affected services

Aug 16 at 04:48pm BST

JISC have found a fix for the issue with response submissions in Online Surveys. The platform is now functioning as usual.

We are monitoring the platform closely while continuing our investigation into what caused this issue, to try and protect against any possible reoccurrences.

We first became aware of a possible issue with response submission on Thursday 10 August. Our initial testing suggested this to be a one-off error affecting a single user. Unfortunately, the issue evolved and, over the last 48 hours, a larger number of respondents started to encounter the error. We anticipate that the majority of survey responses submitted this week will not have been received. Each time the respondent will have received the error message.

Any existing data collected from surveys prior to 10 August is unaffected.

We apologise again for the inconvenience we know this will have caused. If you have any urgent queries or require further assistance, please contact