NESA (non-staff employment database) and Agresso (University finance system) ... Feb 29 at 05:30pm GMT Rheumatology (Research software) and Food Direct (Catering order system) Unav... Feb 28 at 05:30pm GMT KiTTY, a terminal application will be replaced by PuTTY Feb 28 at 09:00am GMT Network and Wi-Fi disruption in Green Park House Feb 28 at 05:00am GMT Typecase and processing bursaries and scholarships on SAMIS, Unavailable Feb 27 at 05:30pm GMT iTrent (MSS and ESS) unavailable Feb 27 at 07:30am GMT Possible disruption to University VPN servers Feb 27 at 07:00am GMT MySQL (database management system) and University Wiki Confluence (online res... Feb 26 at 05:30pm GMT

Some services are degraded

Accounts and Passwords
Business Objects
Business Support Systems
Business World (Agresso)
Business World (Agresso) Marketplace
CRM (Microsoft Dynamics 365)
Email and Calendar
File Storage and Sharing
GitHub Enterprise
Help Portal (TOPdesk)
Microsoft Power BI
Microsoft Teams
Network and Internet
Public Access Computers
Re:View (Panopto)
Research Computing
University Print Service
UniDesk and AdminDesk

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Feb 25, 2024 is currently experiencing issues


Created Dec 18 at 09:33am GMT

We're aware of access issues to the H: & X: drives following upgrades last Tuesday. This was the first step in a series of updates required to hopefully improve security by moving us to supported versions of Ubuntu & Nextcloud.

The wiki (Confluence) is currently unavailable


Updated Sep 06 at 01:04pm BST

The Wiki (Confluence) is again currently only available when connected to the University's VPN. For information regarding how to connect your device to the VPN, please visit:

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Feb 21, 2024

Network and Wi-Fi disruption in building Eveleigh


Resolved Feb 21 at 05:00am GMT

Due to maintenance to maintain network security and stability, there will be brief losses of network connectivity, including Wi-Fi, in Eveleigh building. Desk phones may also restart.