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Wi-Fi surveys in various locations (08/07 - 19/07)

Jul 08 at 01:00am BST  –  Jul 19 at 11:00pm BST
Affected services
Network and Internet

Jul 08 at 01:00am BST

A staff member from DDaT's Networks Team will be carrying out a Wi-Fi survey throughout the listed (below) buildings. This survey is essential for ensuring optimal Wi-Fi coverage and performance in the appropriate areas of the building.

  • 10 East - 8-10/07/24
  • The Edge - 11-12/07/24
  • East Buildings - 15-16/07/24
  • Lime Tree - 17/07/24
  • Founders Hall - 18/07/24
  • Students union - 19/07/24

You shouldn’t experience any disruption to your Wi-Fi service during this activity, as our team is solely focused on documenting the Wi-Fi signal strength and coverage within the building.

We will require access to each office for up to 10 minutes, and a colleague from campus Security will assist us in accessing locked offices or rooms as required.

If you have any questions or concerns regarding this Wi-Fi survey, please contact us via the Self-Service Portal.