Network and Wi-Fi disruption in Dartmouth Avenue Jul 23 at 08:00am BST Network and Wi-Fi disruption in 2 East Jul 23 at 05:00am BST Wireless (Wi-Fi) infrastructure firmware upgrade Jul 23 at 04:00am BST Network and Wi-Fi disruption in Osbourne House Jul 22 at 05:00am BST Nimbus HPC Cluster Maintenance Jul 22 at 12:01am BST

Some services are degraded

We are aware of the issue "Computers stuck in reboot loop due to software update". Please visit for updates.

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Previous incidents

Jul 20, 2024

Computers stuck in reboot loop due to software update


Updated Jul 19 at 02:50pm BST

We are working to resolve an issue affecting software updates from our supplier (CrowdStrike). This is a worldwide issue, and not exclusive to the University of Bath.

If you feel comfortable in taking steps to resolve this issue yourself, then we have attached instructions below.

The following steps assume that the device is at the "Recovery" screen, where it says, "It looks like Windows hasn't loaded correctly".

  • Select "See advanced repair options".

You will first require yo...

3 previous updates

Jul 19, 2024

Wi-Fi surveys in various locations (08/07 - 19/07)


Resolved Jul 08 at 01:00am BST

A staff member from DDaT's Networks Team will be carrying out a Wi-Fi survey throughout the listed (below) buildings. This survey is essential for ensuring optimal Wi-Fi coverage and performance in the appropriate areas of the building.

  • 10 East - 8-10/07/24
  • The Edge - 11-12/07/24
  • East Buildings - 15-16/07/24
  • Lime Tree - 17/07/24
  • Founders Hall - 18/07/24
  • Students union - 19/07/24

You shouldn’t experience any disruption to your Wi-Fi service during this activity, as our t...

Jul 18, 2024

Ansys network license update


Resolved Jul 18 at 08:00am BST

The software will be unavailable for a period of 30 minutes whilst we update the licence server.

Quarterly update of Nextcloud (


Resolved Jul 18 at 07:00am BST

Due to quarterly software and security updates to the underlying service infrastructure, will briefly be unavailable during this period.

Jul 17, 2024

Minor Wi-Fi disruption in various locations (4th to 17th July)


Resolved Jul 04 at 07:00am BST

Due to Wi-Fi access point upgrades, there will be a brief loss of wireless network connectivity in various locations during the week commencing 17th June. The affected locations are:

04/07/2024 - Arts (The Edge)
05/07/2024 - 6 West
08/07/2024 - Milner
09/07/2024 - Polden / 2 South
10/07/2024 - East Building
11/07/2024 - 4 South Annex / Balehaus
12/07/2024 - Eastwood Lodge (EWL) / 6 East / 5 South / Esther Parkin House
15/07/2024 - STV
16/07/2024 - STV
17/07/2024 - STV

Various a...

Jul 16, 2024

Network and Wi-Fi disruption in 6 West


Resolved Jul 16 at 05:00am BST

Due to maintenance to maintain network security and stability, there will be brief losses of network connectivity in this location. Desk phones may also restart.